Shoreditch Nails: Case Study

Founded by Tina Michael in 2017, Shoreditch Nails is “based on the belief that everyone deserves great nails”. Each member of the team is committed to making of all their clients feel special, with a personable service in their intimate East London salon.

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The Task

Provide ongoing social media management and influencer outreach to grow brand recognition and get more people through the doors of this London-based nail bar. To develop Shoreditch Nails as a brand and go-to destination for nails and beauty in London.


The Process

  1. Managing the Shoreditch Nails Instagram whilst building a consistent brand image and tone of voice that appeals to the Shoreditch Nails customer. We deliver regular Instagram posts and work to connect with followers to ensure their online presence remains active and engaged.

  2. Consistently working with key influencers that align with the brand by inviting them in and building relationships that feel genuine and right. Influencers we’ve worked with include Liv Purvis, Dress Like a Mum and Style Memos.

  3. Collaborations and giveaways with like-minded brands such as Olivia Rubin, Hoxton Hotel and Meringue Girls.

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The Results

Through consistent posting, on-brand visuals, creative stories and influencer outreach, we have successfully developed a strong online presence for Shoreditch Nails and grown their clientele.

With every new post, their wider brand vision builds and pulls in new followers. Without even visiting the salon, prospective clients are treated to a feel for what Shoreditch Nails is all about. Contact and collaborations with on-brand influencers has also helped spread the word to the right demographic and helped establish Shoreditch Nails as a go-to beauty destination in London.

This constant stream of intrigued followers has had an undeniable effect on salon sales. Many salons rely on footfall and word of mouth in growing their clientele, but Shoreditch Nails and their distinct online presence enables them to have a much wider reach, bringing in people from far and wide.

We are proud to say that the Shoreditch Nails Instagram following has grown from 1.6k to over 15k followers from 2017-2019, with over 600 monthly clicks from Instagram to the site. The salon itself is consistently booked up for at least 2-3 weeks in advance and more recently, Shoreditch Nails outgrew their first space and are now opening up a new salon.

[Working with Weekend:IN] has ensured that we are getting new clients through the door continuously, in fact so much so the majority of our new clients now come from Instagram.
— Tina - Shoreditch Nails

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