Weekend:IN Influencer Events

At Weekend:IN, we are renowned for our approach to influencer events. At a time where there is so much on offer, forging genuine connections between brand and consumer are vital. That’s why we host events that really showcase the essence of a brand and connect you with like-minded influencers and audiences. Bespoke, design-led and immersive, influencers leave our events knowing and caring about your brand, with a genuine willingness to share your product or service with their audiences.

Previous Events

Slow Living Event with Canopy and Stars

A collaboration with Canopy & Stars saw our influencer weekend take shape in Elmley Nature Reserve. With a slow living theme, we invited influencers to an immersive few days in the Isle of Sheppey, where they were treated to the glamping delights of Canopy and Stars, as well as a selection of products from inspiring brands throughout the weekend. Talks and workshops enabled both brands and influencers to get to know each other, try out new things and share their experience with their followers on social media. The brands involved were showcased in a completely unique way. Find out more about the event here.

Summer Influencer Event

Weekend:IN’s seasonal influencer events have been running since 2016. We work passionately throughout the year to connect inspiring brands with quality influencers in an authentic way. We organise, promote and host special events showcasing inspiring brands and their products to influencers with a genuine interest in their work. Brands and influencers alike are treated to crafty activities, styling sessions, food and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with one another. To find out more about our Summer Influencer Event, read more here.

Pop:IN Influencer Event

Our first venture into retail saw Pop:IN grace the streets of Shoreditch with a legion of independent brands. The aim was to give independent businesses, many of whom had never sold their wares in an actual shop before, the chance to showcase their products to shoppers and spread the joy of shopping small. During the week, we also organised workshops for influencers. Makers featured at the pop-up shop had a chance to come in and share an insight into their brand to relevant and inspiring influencers. To find out more about Pop:IN, read more here.

Are you and influencer or brand? Get in touch to find out how you could be part of our next event.