Building a brand is all about capturing exactly who you are so you can connect with your audience in the most authentic way. We believe at the heart of every successful business is a clear brand. A lot of new businesses have a good idea of what they will be offering, but what about all the other elements that build clarity and put your brand on the map?

Carving a brand isn’t just about standing out. It’s about representing your brand’s essence in a way that feels authentic to your vision and connects you with your audience. From your brand values and tone of voice to a bespoke visual identity and in-depth consumer knowledge, we can help you bring your concept to life and evolve into a brand that is recognisable and unique.


The Details

Full Brand Strategy

From your mission statement and customer personas to a unique visual identity and a clear tone of voice, these are just some of the elements that will be covered in your brand strategy package.

Perfect for you if: You’re just starting out with your business and you want to transform your product or service into a brand that people will remember.

Brand Strategy Consultation

90 minute face-to-face or Skype session covering all things strategy. We’ll give you everything you need to write up your own brand strategy that’s clear, unique and specific to your business.

Perfect for you if: You know your business needs a strategy but you’re not sure where to begin.

Brand Strategy Consulting

Half-day session dedicated to developing a brand strategy for your business. We help you establish clear and actionable ideas so you can leave with a plan of how you are going to put your business on the map. Follow up monthly support is also included.

Perfect for you if: You’re just starting out in your business and have big dreams about becoming an established and memorable brand.

‘How to Build a Brand’ Events

A day of inspiring talks and workshops delivered by independent business owners to push your brand in the right direction. Designed not only for you to learn and connect with like-minded people, but to give you that much-needed time to work on developing your business in the right direction. Check out our latest ‘How to Build a Brand’ event here.

Perfect for you if: You want to DIY!

There’s more. We also offer extras, such as bespoke workshops and brand photoshoots. If you’re still curious, get in touch to find out how we can help you build a brand that stands out from the crowd.


Sounds good?


What to expect from your new branding team


1. Integrity

We’re genuine when we say we want to help you develop a brand that is unique to you. The reward of crafting your identity and sharing it with a growing audience isn’t half as worth it if it doesn’t feel 100% authentic to your business.


2. Purpose

We dive deep into what drives your creativity and what is at the heart of your business. Behind every brand we work with, there’s more at work than selling something and this is what resonates with people the most. This is what we strive to help you realise and share.


3.  Range

The diversity of our individual skill sets means we’re a team with lots to offer. We’ll turn our hand to most things (we love a challenge!) and treat every new project as an opportunity to get the best out of each other and find the right person for each task. 


4. Identity

We don’t rely on fast tricks that could attract just anyone. We want to help you develop a brand that feels unique to you and will stand the test of time. We care about developing your business, sharing your story and creating an identity that will connect you with people that get you as much as we do. 



The Case Study

‘Weekend:IN were a massive help to Rogue Wines at the critical time of launch. Olivia and the team provided expert help in keeping our message on brand and setting the tone of voice. {They delivered} a great photoshoot which is still proving invaluable for social and other media content. Highly recommend!
— Rich Hamblin, Rogue Wines