Rogue Wines: Case Study

As their name suggests, Rogue Wines are doing refreshments a little differently. Born from a desire to lesson the impact of bottled wines on the environment, this brand are fast making boxes a cooler way to enjoy their vegan-friendly wines. Fresh and delicious, Rogue estimate their alternative packaging methods to have a 60% reduction in the carbon footprint of a glass bottle and 25% less of the packaging weight. From being more eco-friendly to the pleasure in pouring your drink from a quirky box, there’s plenty of reasons to kick the bottle and go rouge.

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The Task

Equipped with their brand name and general idea, Rogue approached us in search of a stronger brand identity and strategy to take through to their social media. Keen to establish an online presence that communicated their eco-friendly values without losing the fun of ‘going rogue’, it was our job to devise a way to market their brand in a way that was as unique and rebellious as them.


The Process

  1. In order to develop and take the business to the next level, it was about establishing all aspects of Rogue Wines as a brand. From their mood and values to customer profiles, brand alignment and competitors, we explored every element that could come together and capture the essence of their business.

  2. Social media and translating this essence through to their audience was the next step in establishing their presence online. Our team dedicated their time to devising social media guidelines with a strategy and tone of voice that would connect Rogue Wines and their story with the people that mattered the most.

  3. At the same time, we organised a brand photoshoot to capture the visual side of the brand and really allow their essence to resonate with their desired audience.

  4. The final step in their social media journey took shape in the directing and filming of videos. Each video communicated their values, as well as having fun showcasing their ‘rebellious’ vibe.

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The Results

With our guidance, Rogue Wines fast developed into a stand-out manufacturer of boxed wine.

Despite their strong name and USP, this eco-friendly, vegan drinks brand were unsure of the most effective way to communicate their story, resonate with potential customers and use social media to grow their reach.

Now associated with a tone of voice that really speaks to their target audience, Rogue have struck the balance between strong visuals and clear messaging, which in turn captures their story and drives their eco-friendly mission forward.

Through our development of a strong online identity, Rogue have succeeded in building an engaged Instagram following and established relationships with influencers such as Scummy Mummies and Mr Bingo, who have been sharing the brand online with their audience and growing their reach.


‘Weekend:IN were a massive help to Rogue Wines at the critical time of launch. Olivia and the team provided expert help in keeping our message on brand and setting the tone of voice. {They delivered} a great photoshoot which is still proving invaluable for social and other media content. Highly recommend!
— Rich Hamblin, Rogue Wines

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