Kidsbury: Case Study

Kidsbury creates premium children’s clothing with a conscience - “Crafted from the finest European materials and 100% Egyptian cotton, Kidsbury clothing is lightweight, breathable and supremely soft, keeping kids comfy all day long without restricting their movement.” Kidsbury share the same ethics as Weekend:IN, aiming to create a sustainable brand with a purpose.

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The Task

Spread awareness of the launch of Kidsbury through an effective social media influencer campaign. The aim was to develop a campaign that remained authentic whilst showcasing the essence of this new organic kidswear brand in a way that connects them with their target audience.


The Process

  1. Set to work creating a list of 100 influencers as potential connections. Researched and developed a list of influencers that would genuinely appreciate Kidsbury and their ethics and fit within their target audience.

  2. Created a tiered influencer system depending on profile engagement and their suitability in promoting this conscious, organic kidswear brand, so products could be shared in the most effective manner.

  3. Gifted Kidsbury pieces to around 40 influencers, selected for their genuine suitability and alignment with the brand.

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The Results

Our targeted influencer campaign for Kidsbury increased their launch reach and connected them with people with genuine appreciation for their products.

Any communication we made with influencers was authentic and clear about our intentions and the team at Kidsbury were able to see genuine growth and reach when sharing their products for the first time, which is crucial around the time of their launch.

As a result of our campaign, 67 new pieces of content were created by influencers showcasing Kidsbury products. The brand gained a reach potential of 492.8k. During the launch period, Kidsbury’s Instagram received a 700+ follower growth.


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