LOVE : 5 favourite independent kidswear brands

New and emerging independent kidswear brands have made an exciting arrival into the mainstream market; adding fresh, vibrant and intricate ensembles to what was previously an overlooked retail department. The prints, quality and range of kids’ clothing have reached an all time high, with more eco-friendly ethics being placed at the heart of these designs. Below are our five favourite independent kidswear brands, proving passion and innovation go hand in hand to create designs that are both stylish, minimal and comfy for the little ones.

Ando Stores

Having been inspired by global designs from all around the world including UK and Japan, Bethany Ostacchini, founder of Ando Stores, wanted to create a minimalist unisex kids clothing brand that valued the importance of quality and consistency, inspired with a modern twist. With a mini-collection of trousers, tops, dresses and babygros, all washed with a palette of complementary warm earthy tones, Ando Stores presents itself as timeless and essential to any kid’s wardrobe. Make sure to check out their super comfy Gigi unisex overalls that come in shades of burnt orange and black.

Kidsbury Organics

Kidsbury Organics is an environmentally-conscious kid’s apparel line, who prides themselves on their premium fabrics made from 100% Global Organic Standards cotton. Highly-functional and fashionable, the little ones can find themselves exploring and taking on fun adventures in these pastel blue and pink dungarees. With the increasing demand for kids’ clothes, Kidsbury stands out from the crowd with their promise to not only design pieces that are kind to sensitive skin, but also kinder to the planet. You can most definitely place trust on this brand to produce gorgeous organic kids-wear that is both soft, snug and suited to anyone under six.

Small Stories UK

Small Stories UK was born out of a rebellious desire to curate a beautifully-unique and wearable collection for kids by Joanna Welch, a mother to one son. Nostalgic and wanting to capture the joy and creativity of childhood, this kids-wear brand strives to embrace the imagination and magic of being young; with their current campaign brimming with striking prints, bold dots and check patterns- take a look on their website for more prints! All the while, reinforced by a practical aesthetic, Small Stories is supported by sustainable resources, giving it that extra big mark as an all-rounded super-star independent brand!

Little Style Studio

Little Style Studio is a UK-based independent kids-wear brand, influenced by simple, neutral colours and textures, it aspires to subvert the norm to make cool and functional unisex kids-wear that feels versatile and suited for any occasion. Vowing ultra high-quality products, the brand also detracts away from flashy colours, slogans and gimmicky elements, making sure they resemble luxury pieces akin to adult wear. In fact, their cozy teddy-bear coats are a perfect winter statement piece that can add that bit of ‘coolness’ to any kids’ wardrobe.

Cub and Pudding

You want a brand that delivers cool, modern and comfy kids-wear, Cub and Pudding have got you sorted. As shown by the charming illustrations and playful colour palette of the website, this brand wants to protect and nurture the ‘inner child’ and the joys of adventure, love and happiness. Forever young at heart, Cub and Pudding have ensured to make the practicality of the items a main priority, alongside them being ethically-produced pieces that are of high-quality- which is why we love them! Be sure to check out their Instagram for more updates on their upcoming collection.

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