LOVE : 5 favourite independent lingerie brands

As the great Marie Kondo has taught us, we must treat our bras with respect. These are items of clothing, after all, that, when pulled on each morning and slung off each evening, remind us of our bodies and of the beauty and power that they harness. When we think of it like that, why would we want to squeeze ourselves into itchy elasticated pants and ill-fitting bra straps? It can be all too easy to forget about the importance of good underwear - but when you’re equipped with comfortable and supportive lingerie, your mind can focus more on the day ahead, and may even mean you don’t need to immediately take your bra off as soon as you get home from work! Below are five of our current favourite independent lingerie brands, who not only celebrate body positivity and inclusivity but also promote ethical business standards and super cute aesthetics. So you can look and feel great, whilst knowing you're supporting a great cause - what’s not to love?!

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Lara Intimates

Lara Intimates is a brand with a cool and comfortable line of underwear and a great set of values. The company was founded by London College of Fashion graduates Faith Leeves and Cindy Liberman after they were confronted with the negative impact of fast fashion on workers and the environment during their time working in the lingerie industry. Faith and Cindy wanted to create a sustainable, female-empowered brand with comfortable yet flattering lingerie for all body types. The result was Lara Intimates which is now a flourishing business in the heart of Soho. We love their extensive selection of bra styles and their wide range of bra sizes, they offer one of the widest ranges of sizes in the world in fact, and also have a super easy to understand sizing system. Lara Intimates’s strict zero waste policy and their all-female factory are two more reasons why we love them so.


What Lydia Made

What Lydia Made is a stylish and contemporary brand focusing on body positivity, inclusivity and handmade production. Each piece is custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit and a long-lasting, unique, one-of-a-kind item of lingerie. Better yet, What Lydia Made’s ethos for inclusivity means that their bras and pants can be made to size for anyone and everyone that wants a cute set of underwear! They have bras designed for ‘no boobs’ and ‘pants with shaping’ to accommodate genitals. Their bras can also include a nursing clip, for breastfeeding. The brand has three styles of bra and two styles of pants and they come in nine varying colour palettes, each with a catchy name - we love The Cherry Pie and The Battenberg!

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Beija London

‘A collection that is inclusive without compromising on style’ is Beija London’s brand message. With three unique sizing categories, Beija London promises to provide a bra that is perfect for any breast size. The brand has a wide selection of styles and colours for bras and briefs alongside a stylish and comfortable line of swimwear. Their store in Kings Cross, London is also gorgeous and, like Lara Intimates, they offer in-store fittings, ensuring you get the best bra for you.


Fleur of England

Having grown up wearing a lot of boys hand-me-downs, Fleur, founder of Fleur of England, dreamed of wearing more delicate, feminine clothing. Her craving for all things silk and lace came to a head when, aged 25, and with a Fashion Marketing degree to her name, Fleur decided to start her own luxury lingerie line, FleurT. The brand grew into what we now know as Fleur of England, the go-to destination for fine, elegant lingerie which can name Millie Mackintosh, Helen Mirren and the Kardashian sisters as their fans. Fleur’s ambition is to make each woman’s experience with her brand exquisite - because we all deserve to feel luxurious sometimes! Fleur also holds a special place in our hearts as it is where our founder, Olivia, started her own career.



Last but certainly not least is Lufsum, founded by our very own team member, Emily! Lufsum is an Old English word meaning ‘worthy of love’ and this is the ethos of the brand. With both lingerie and sleepwear lines, Lufsum’s style is classic and flattering for all and it’s cut, printed and sewn straight from Emily’s Bristol studio. Proud team members over here!

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