MEET THE TEAM : Emily Lamborn


Meet Weekend:IN's right-hand lady, Emily. Originally an intern, Emily started here at Weekend:IN in the summer of 2017 and is now the company's digital marketing and events assistant.

After finishing an Art Foundation Diploma at South Essex College, Emily moved to Cornwall to study Fine Arts at the prestigious Falmouth University. There she developed a love of abstract art, creating beautiful and ethereal works inspired by impermanent themes such as the movement of the ocean and the falling of the rain and there she staged several successful exhibitions.

Soon after graduating, Emily worked part-time jobs whilst setting up her own brand of homemade lingerie called Lufsum (Lufsum is an Old English word meaning 'worthy of love'). By creating her own brand Emily learnt valuable skills as she carried out every element of the business herself; designing and sewing the lingerie, managing costs, running the social media, photography and designing elements for both web and print. In February 2017 Emily saught out a new creative location and moved from the sleepy Cornish coast to the buzz of Bristol.

When Emily joined Weekend:IN in 2017 she was a perfect fit. Similar to Weekend:IN founder Olivia, Emily loves supporting independent and home-grown businesses and has a keen eye for design and branding. Her day to day routine involves helping Olivia with the logistics of Weekend:IN influencer and brand events as well as working on influencer marketing for our brands.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys eating out, working from cosy coffee shops, and visiting the latest art exhibitions. 

Follow Emily on Instagram here and check out her lingerie brand here.


Weekend:IN creates innovative ideas to help IN:dependent brands connect, engage and grow their audiences. We help brands with social media marketingauthentic influencer marketing campaigns, and event organisation. Weekend:IN are based in Bristol, but currently work with independent businesses across the South West and in London.