20.05.18 : EVENT : 'How To Build a Brand' Bruton


Following our successful ‘How to Build a Brand’ event held earlier this year, we have another event coming up on May 20th! Four independent business owners and creative entrepreneurs will be holding workshops and talks in the lovely Caro, in Bruton, Somerset.

If you’re looking to build your business and grow your audience, this one day workshop is for you. You’ll leave feeling motivated and confident through inspiring advice, tips and knowledge given by our creative and successful speakers.

Past events have given our guests inspiration as well as leaving with new friends and knowledge which has given them the next leg up for their businesses.


Sunday 20th May 2018, 10AM - 4.45PM


Caro / The Space, Bruton (Easily accessible from Bristol, Bath, Frome on train)

Who's involved -

Sophie French - Sophie French is a Life & Business Coach who works with women to help them ‘crush the can’t’ in their head, uncover the things they really want, and cultivate the confidence and clarity to make it happen. Sophie has worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs to date, and supported them to do the things they really desire - from quitting the day job to pursue the business of their dreams, raising their prices and getting fully-booked, to booking that dream retreat in Ibiza just because.

Helen, The Bakemonger - Helen Bakunowicz, aka the Bakemonger, graduated in 2001 from Brighton University, with a 1st class Honours degree in Fashion Textiles Design.  She has over 13 years experience in the design industry, having started her career working as a textile designer in Como, Italy and then New York City. 

For many years now Helen has baked up a storm at home, experimenting and enthusiastically feeding friends and family and in recent years, beautiful bakes and culinary delights have started to take over her inspiration boards. Baking has very naturally become Helen's creative medium; her love of colour, textiles, art, design and culture culminate in her baked creations and hence 'The Bakemonger' was born. 

Abi, These Four Walls - Abi is a blogger, freelance writer and photographer based in Bristol. She founded her successful interior design and travel blog, These Four Walls, in 2014, and also contributes to a range of independent lifestyle and travel publications. She’s known for her minimalist aesthetic, which is reflected across her blog and Instagram feed. 



Schedule - 

10AM - 10.15AM - Tea, coffee and Introductions

10.15AM - 11.45AM - Sophie French - Creating A Vision For Your Brand, Business & Life

Sophie will help you build confidence, passion and vision in order to get your feet off the ground and turn your business around! Her workshop will teach you the powerful tools you need in order to start, grow and thrive in your business.

Most people think that creating a vision for your business is a ‘nice to do’, something you might think about when you’re not knee-deep in deadlines - but the truth is: creating a vision for your brand is essential. After all, if you don’t have a vision for what you want to create, how will you know where to start, or when you actually get there?!

In this power-packed interactive workshop, Life & Business Coach Sophie French will help you uncover the vision for your business AND your life, and how to cultivate the confidence to make it a reality.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get clarity on what you really want from your business and your life 

  • Why the clarity and vision is so important in creating a business and life you’re in love with

  • Powerful tools to remind yourself of your vision on the regular, and use as your guidance system for all your business decisions

  • How you can start dreaming bigger for yourself, your business and your life and what’s truly possible for you

  • The specific actions you can start taking asap to make it happen

You’ll leave with a clearer vision for your brand, business and life that feels purposeful and exciting, as well as a mega-boost of confidence to go out and make it happen.

11.45AM - 1.15PM - Helen, The Bakemonger - An exercise in colour & branding

The session will begin with a brief presentation about Helen's background referencing her use of forward-thinking colour in relation to her branding and work.  

Starting with your own branding and aesthetic ideas, you will then add to these visuals using an array of magazines which will subsequently create a forward-thinking palette that represents your unique brand identity.  We will then discuss and edit the palettes as a group to ensure guests leave with a workable palette they can push forward with. 

1.15PM - 2.15PM - Lunch

2.15PM - 3.45PM - Abi, These Four Walls- Instagram: how to style your brand and find your audience

Instagram can be a huge asset for your brand, but it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. This session will explore how you can harness its full potential by developing a clear and consistent Instagram identity. We’ll cover how to find and hone your visual style, brainstorm some image ideas for your business, and look at a few easy tips and tricks for photo styling and editing. We’ll also talk about how to find and engage with the right audience, and discuss how Instagram Stories can help you grow your brand online.

3.45PM - 4.45PM - Discussion with the group and Q&A with Olivia, founder of Weekend:IN

The Q&A will be a chance to reflect on the day’s events. Starting out in business can sometimes feel like a lonely place so you can use this opportunity to get anything off your chest and create an open forum to discuss the different aspects of running a business and building a brand.

What's included - 

  • Vision with Sophie French
  • Visual identity with The Bakemonger
  • Social Media tips from These Four Walls
  • Q&A Discussion from Olivia from Weekend:in
  • All materials for sessions/workshops
  • Lunch
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