Spring Wharf: Case Study

Spring Wharf is a brand-new, stylish, riverside development of rental homes in the Bath area. Carving the way for a new renting experience to suit the younger generation, this modern residential venture provides lots of great extras to make tenancies practical, flexible and hassle-free. Their motto is “More freedom. More choice. More fun.”, something that we resonate with at Weekend:IN.

@springwharf / www.springwharf.com

The Task

To host a series of events to promote the opening of Spring Wharf and showcase their new, modern approach to renting and living. All with the wider aim of creating a genuine community of creative professionals and influencers in Bath and its surrounding areas.


The Process

  1. Developed a series of creative event ideas that would promote Spring Wharf to their desired audience, establish their key messages and reach their wider, community-led goals.

  2. Organised local collaborators and brands to get involved with events to help spread the word in and around Bath.

  3. Managed both the lead up to the series of events and hosted the events on the day.

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The Results

The launch of Spring Wharf was unique and word was spread about this exciting new residential development in Bath. Guests were treated to an insight into what life would be like at Spring Wharf and social media coverage of each event shared the warmth and creativity of the rental development with even more people and potential residents.

Over the 3 events, 209 pieces of content were created with 313.3k potential reach. During this time 26 contact forms were completed on the site enquiring for more information on the properties. Social media was the highest source of traffic to the website during and after our final event.


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